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Helping you overcome the stress in your life is our top priority

MHC is dedicated to helping individuals and corporations reach optimal health, reduce stress, and overcome life transition issues, by providing a variety of holistic counselling and personalized meditation services. Our services are available at our office on the West Island of Montreal, on location within the Montreal area, and when appropriate electronically via email or skype.

Hi, My name is Lesley Pavitt and I specialize in helping people overcome the effects of stress caused by life transition issues. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, burnout, separation/divorce, grief or loss, I can help you overcome the negative feelings and help you regain control of your life. Together we work towards healing the hurt, and finding solutions that help you to be on top of the world.

MHC has teamed up with some exceptional holistic practitioners, and offer additional services to compliment your counselling and meditation programs. We also carry a variety of products available to enhance your experience, such as meditation books and cd's. Through our services, affiliations and product selections, we provide one-stop shopping for all your holistic health needs.

For your convenience MHC accepts Cash, Visa and Mastercard payments

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